Hello 👋

Zeplo is an infinitely scalable managed message queue (queue as a service), which requires zero configuration.

It works like any other queue, but instead of pushing jobs, you push requests.

Simply prefix a request with and we’ll queue and forward the request with the exact same method/body/headers/query.

No additional configuration for your endpoint, requests can be sent directly to your API as normal (sync) or via the Zeplo queue (async).

You can use Zeplo to:

  • retry requests that error automatically or manually

  • schedule/cron requests at regular interval

  • delay requests for a given time (e.g. send a request after 30 mins)

It works great in combination with serverless platforms like Vercel (/Zeit). If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at

You can sign up here for free - sign up to Zeplo.