Update May 2022

It’s a brand new month, and we’re excited to plan out the features for May 2022. We really value your feedback, so if you’d like to see something on Zeplo - please tweet us @zeploio.

Changelog for April

  • Faster log queries - we’ve updated the user console to improve the response time for users with >1 million requests per month.
  • CLI Improvements - the CLI library has now been completely refactored to use a more reliable base with a particular focus on the dev server.
  • Internal queue optimizations - improved the internals of Zeplo to
  • Webhooks - you can now receive webhooks from Zeplo for all lifecycle changes to a request (created, scheduled, attempted, error, failed, etc). This makes it possible for SaaS app builders to use Zeplo to power their own webhooks functionality. If you’re interested in how we built this feature you can read our webhook article.

Roadmap for May

  • Alerting - additional alerting options and integrations
  • Filtering - improved filter on the console for finding and grouping requests
  • Client libraries - we’ve going to be releasing client libraries for Node/Typescript, Python, PHP and Ruby. This will provide a better experience when implementing Zeplo into your code base.
  • Improved error triage - we’re going to make it easier to triage errors that occur in Zeplo. You’ll be able to mark errors as resolved after they’ve been retried.

Have your say

If you’ve like to influence our roadmap, message us on Twitter → @zeploio

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