Update April 2022

We’re going to start releasing a monthly update, and this is our first edition - April 2022. This will provide an update on the progress we have made in the previous month and provide a roadmap for the month ahead. We really value your feedback, so if you’d like to see something on Zeplo - please tweet us @zeploio.

Changelog for March

  • Refactor UI - we refactored our entire UI, it now runs on Chakra UI which has a very solid design schema. This will allow us to move more quickly in developing the console experience - which is the main focus for April.
  • Fix icon upload - fix the icon upload to allow you to customize your workspace with your company logo.
  • Fix duplicate schedules - fix an edge case that could cause a duplicate schedule to be created

Roadmap for April

Continued focus on the developer console experience

  • Faster log queries - we’re updating the user console to improve the response time for users with >1 million requests per month.
  • Client libraries - we’ve going to be releasing client libraries for Node/Typescript, Python, PHP and Ruby. This will provide a better experience when implementing Zeplo into your code base.
  • Improved error triage - we’re going to make it easier to triage errors that occur in Zeplo. You’ll be able to mark errors as resolved after they’ve been retried.
  • CLI Improvements - the CLI library has now been completely refactored to use a more reliable base with a particular focus on the dev server.

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If you’ve like to influence our roadmap, please message us on Twitter → @zeploio

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