Lowest cost alternative to AWS SNS+SQS and Lambda

There was a really good question on Reddit recently regarding finding a lower cost alternative to SQS and Lambda. u/more-food-plz asked:

I have an application that uses sns+sqs to schedule async “jobs” that later get handled by a lambda function. One drawback to this approach is that when using SQS as an event source for lambda, lambda polls SQS ~20,000 times a day.

I have about 25 SQS queues each with an additional dead letter queue, because of all the lambda polling, an empty deployment receiving no traffic results in a ~7$ per month AWS bill.

I’m wondering if there’s another way to architect in way that:

This was a perfect use case for Zeplo!

  • free for <2k requests, so $0 when no traffic
  • can queue the http request for the future (delay)
  • Web UI and CLI to view failed jobs + rerun
  • Don’t have to deal with infra/maintenance
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